For Book Clubs!

Have you finished reading Something (Wisteria 1) ? Great, here are some questions I have developed specifically for you and your book club. And I am always interested in seeing your responses so you can email me after you are finished!

1. What can inspire you about Aubrey's struggles?

2. Who was your favorite character from Something (Wisteria 1) and why?

3. What was the scariest scene you can remember?

4. Do you think Nathan should be with Aubrey and why?

5. Is Adelaide a good friend, and do you understand her side of the story?

6. Which character was your least favorite and why?

7. Who seemed the most human and vulnerable?

8. Do you find Tyler James hot?

9. What do you think will happen next?

10. In what ways can you relate to Bella Broadhurst?

11. What is one thing you didn't like about the book?

12. Were you uncomfortable with any religious mentions and references in the story?

13. Which POV did you enjoy the most?

14. What is this something?

15. Will you continue reading this series?

16. All in all, what was your favorite thing about this book?


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