Hey, I’m Shelby, and I have a passion for reading and writing. I dig traditional and indie books alike. Everyone has something to teach. It is amazing how we all see the world through our own special pair of lenses. Though I’m an author, when I read I become a reader. A silly fangirl if you will. I guess I can compartmentalize. Don’t be intimidated because I’ve been on the other side, in fact, see this as a plus because personally, I will never disrespect any author’s work and if I can’t rate your book at least a three star I will give you private constructive criticism. Though I don’t take money in exchange for reviews, I do offer a proofreading service that your book can further benefit from.

From My Goodreads Author Profile:

Shelby Lamb (A.K.A Creepy Shelby) is a Canadian author who loves exploring the weird and unsettling. She writes fiction from her own personal life experiences, the depths of her imagination, and the inspiration around her. Something (Wisteria 1) is her debut work. 

She lives in Toronto but longs for the California coast. 

Wisteria 2, Kirsten and Ally (Part 2 of 2), and Her (Episode 2) is set on being released October 2018.


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